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Piper Saratoga II TC

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New Piperís Saratoga II TC

Still ďThe OneĒ for the turbo six-seaters
by Douglas Colby, Plane & Pilot Magazine

The ultimate, modern iteration of the retractable Cherokee Six is the 2005 Saratoga II TC. As you might expect, the newest model is a considerably improved airplane from the original, but its ties to that first 1976 Lance remain obvious.
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Turbo 'Toga

A new turbo system carries the Piper Saratoga to the flight levels
by Thomas B. Haines, AOPA Pilot, September 1997

In developing the Saratoga II TC, though, Piper didn't just opt for putting a turbo system and automatic wastegate on the existing Saratoga II HP. Instead, the TC variant gets a different model of the Lycoming IO-540, some cowling tweaks, and a host of interior and panel refinements. Introduced in July, the TC is a 1998 model, as are the normally aspirated HP models currently being produced. The new HPs earn the same interior and panel enhancements as those on the TC.
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Saratoga Style

Piper's big-cabin retract sports a twenty-first-century panel
by Peter A. Bedell, AOPA Pilot, July 1999

Saratogas come in two flavors, the normally aspirated HP and the turbocharged TC. The airplane was cleaned up aerodynamically, bringing its high-speed cruise to around 165 knots, which is six or seven knots faster than older Saratogas. Like those old Saratogas, Lances, and Cherokee Sixes, the new airplane has a gigantic cabin with lots of elbow room.
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Piper Saratoga II TC

Saratoga II TC is New Piper's ultimate piston single
by Thomas A. Horne, AOPA Pilot, August 2002

Since 1965, Piper's basic PA-32 airframe has served as one of the most popular heavy-haulers in general aviation's piston-single fleet. With a good blend of useful load, cabin comfort, speed, and the access afforded by those huge aft double-doors, these airplanes have hit the spot with more than 6,700 customers. The latest incarnation of this airplane — The New Piper Aircraft Inc.'s Saratoga II TC — keeps this tradition alive.
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Piper Saratoga II TC

Memory Maker
by Thomas B. Haines, AOPA Pilot , May 2007

I've flown more than 100 models of airplanes over the years, and the details of the first flight in any one particular model are mostly lost in the corners of my brain somewhere. But the Saratoga owns a special place in my heart — mostly thanks to that exhilarating landing on Put-in-Bay, Ohio, in the summer of 1988. It was my first Saratoga landing. Fortunately, I had an experienced pilot in the right seat to keep us out of the lake and the trees at the end of the runway, which has since been paved.
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Piper Saratoga II TC: Itís All About Comfort

Forty years after the modelís introduction, the retractable Saratoga II TC is still a great way to haul a team of huskies in comfort at 180 knots
by Bill Cox, Plane & Pilot Magazine

Indeed, turbocharging has come a long way in a relatively short time. In the ’70s and ’80s, I owned or operated a succession of airplanes with turbochargers under their bonnets, from Senecas and Navajos to Mooneys and Turbo Arrows, and much of the time, it seemed the technology simply wasn’t ready for prime time. I bought a new, turbocharged single in 1979 to help solve a tax problem, and it did just that. It also ate turbochargers so often, I wound up paying much of my tax savings back to the shop over the eight years that I owned the airplane.
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