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Cessna 177 Cardinal

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Cardinal Flier

Cessna made stylish and sporty
by Julie K. Boatman, AOPA Pilot, May 2002

These days, if you're going to buy a Cardinal — and there are lots of great reasons to make this your airplane of choice — by all means buy one with more than 150 hp. Cessna understood its error and with the second year's model (1969) swapped the O-320 for a 180-hp Lycoming O-360-A2F, keeping the fixed-pitch propeller. The match made the design take to the skies in keeping with its swept style and sleek looks. Since then, most 1968 models have been upgraded to beefier engines as well.
-Off site review.

Kissimmee Cardinal

Retired, but not ready to slow downójust like its owner.
by Scott Perdue, Plane & Pilot Magazine

Retired, but not ready to slow down.

How often has your significant other told you, no, ordered you to get out of the house and go flying? After seeing her husband mow the lawn in different directions for the third time in a week, D Frechette figured that flying was just what her husband, Roger, needed. A retired Massachusetts state trooper, Roger was not, shall we say, challenged with landscaping.
-Off site review.

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