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Piper Twin Comanche CR

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Twin Comanche

Speed, economy, style and a few warnings
by Thomas A. Horne, AOPA Pilot, May 1996

Optimum cruise speeds of the turbocharged Twin Comanches were advertised as hovering around 200 knots at 12,000 feet, or 214 knots at 24,000 feet. The turbo models' empty weight is almost 200 pounds more than their standard-equipped, normally aspirated brethren, so all-engine and single- engine rates of climb are lower (but single-engine service ceiling rises to 8,800 feet), and the useful load of an average-equipped airplane — at 1,341 pounds — is some 50 pounds lighter.
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The Ultimate Twin Comanche

Bailey Bullet: one-of-a-kind airplane, in search of a market
by Thomas A. Horne, AOPA Pilot, May 1998

To many pilots, Piper's Twin Comanche represents an apex of light twin design. It offers an excellent blend of speed, fuel economy, control feel, and range. Oh, and it looks good, too. That's why some 2,155 Twin Comanches were sold during the airplane's 10-year (1963 to 1972) production run.
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