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Enstrom 480B Turbine

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High Economy

Enstrom's refined turbine single gets a power boost, makes converts of the fixed-wing set
by Mark Huber, AOPA Pilot, Feburary 2001

The 480 incorporates many of the popular design and performance features of its piston-powered predecessors, specifically the high-inertia rotor system; an absence of hydraulics; good stability, thanks in part to healthy vertical boom fins; and an unblocked tail rotor that maintains full authority even in the weirdest winds and emits an unobtrusive noise signature similar to that of the MD Notar (no tail rotor) helicopters. The beefy 32-foot, three-blade main rotor system weighs more than 300 pounds and is driven by an upgraded, pressurized gearbox.
-Off site review.

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