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Diamond DA40 XLS

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Diamond DA40XLS: Diamond’s luxury single

The DA40CLS’s ‘standard’ package is loaded with ‘options’
by Thomas A. Horne, AOPA Pilot , January 2008

First off, the DA40’s smooth lines let its 180-horsepower Lycoming IO-360 engine extract the maximum possible speed from the airframe. Interior room is another selling point, and so is its large aft passenger door.
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Flying the Diamond Star XLS

Nice Second Act for a Shining Star.
by Robert Goyer, Flying Magazine, May 2008

One flight was enough to convince me that my doubts were groundless. Diamond had succeeded in creating a pretty capable airplane. Moreover, the DA40's high-aspect ratio wing, its comfy interior (with plenty of room both in front and in back) and its pleasing handling characteristics made it a really fun airplane to fly. I cruised in and around the peaks of the nearby Austrian Alps in it, wiggling wings at the lederhosen-clad hikers on the trails below and just generally having a blast.
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DA 40 XLS: The Innovator Keeps Getting Better

With the addition of Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology and other improvements, the popular composite four-seater reaches a wider audience
by Marc C. Lee, Plane & Pilot Magazine

So much has been written about Diamond and the DA40 that I wanted to do something different. Instead of merely putting the airplane through a repertoire of aerial tasks, I decided to fly the XLS like an everyday pilot and take the futuristic-looking craft on a little cross-country. My partner would be Robert Stewart, territory manager and demo pilot for USAERO, an authorized Diamond distributor for the Southwestern United States.
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Rediscovering The Diamond DA40

In its gentle stall, the descent rate is less than in a Cirrus SR22 with its parachute deployed
by Bill Cox, Plane & Pilot Magazine

Certainly, one of Diamond’s most popular products is the DA40 Star. Since its introduction six years ago, first overseas and then in the United States, the Star has penetrated the general aviation, fixed-gear-single market in a big way, selling some 600 units. That’s nearly 100 a year—big numbers in today’s economy.
-Off site review.

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