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Cirrus SR22

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Cirrus SR22

Here's the deal: It's fast, stylish, and comfortable
by Thomas B. Haines, AOPA Pilot, May 2001

With that in mind, it is no wonder that the Cirrus SR22, with its 310-horsepower engine, outperforms its 200-hp little brother, the SR20, in every way. Horsepower is an amazing thing, and in this case it transforms the perky Cirrus into a real get-up-and-go traveling machine. Even the lofty field elevation at Jefferson County Airport near Denver didn't blunt the SR22's snappy performance. With two on board and full fuel, we still climbed away at an initial rate of 1,500 feet per minute.
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Clear Vision

Forging a new path though the clouds
by Julie K. Boatman, AOPA Pilot, December 2002

The SR22's new weapon? The TKS ice-protection system designed by Aerospace Systems and Technologies (AS&T).

While not certified for flight-into-known-icing (FIKI) conditions, the TKS system on the SR22 allows it to safely escape light to moderate icing with a greater margin than an airplane not so equipped.

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Cirrus SR22 Turbo Charged

Can an aftermarket turbocharger system transform the world?s most popular airplane into a bona fide high flyer?
by Robert Goyer , Flying Magazine, February 2007

One surefire way for airplane makers to get a lot more performance out of their existing designs is by adding a turbocharger. It's hardly a new approach. It's been popular since the 1960s. And just in the past few years Columbia, Mooney and Cessna have all introduced turbocharged models, all based on good-selling existing airplanes. So it was no surprise when Cirrus, which had in fact been openly talking about the possibility for a while, pulled the trigger on its very own turbo project, launching the SR22 Turbo Charged.
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Cirrus SR22-G3

With more than 700 design changes, the latest Cirrus SR22 seems like a whole new airplane.
by Robert Goyer, Flying Magazine, Sept. 2007

Turbocharging just sells. As soon as Cirrus introduced the turbocharged G2 version last summer, it started getting orders for the model in much greater numbers than it expected. It's not just a Cirrus phenomenon. Over the past four decades just about every new, turbocharged version of a good normally aspirated airplane immediately began outselling the original, usually by a wide margin.
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2009 Cirrus SR22

We fly the latest SR22 from Cirrus Aircraft and try out its long list of phenomenally cool safety features.
by Robert Goyer, Flying Magazine, April 2009

Cirrus Aircraft has introduced its lineup for 2009, and the new airplanes come with some very impressive available features. The big news is a known ice protection system, but there's a raft of other recently announced upgrades, too, with a whole host of advanced acronyms available, EVS, SVT and FIKI, among many others, making the SR22, for the time being, the most technologically sophisticated production piston single-engine airplane in the world, by a nose.
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Airplane Choices

Why I fly a Cirrus : Rich Karlgaard
by Lane Wallace, Flying Magazine

The Cirrus has also been pretty much trouble-free, in terms of maintenance. "Cirrus quality control was bad in the beginning," Karlgaard says, "but it's steadily improved with each new version." Cirrus owners also benefit from what Karlgaard calls "an extremely opinionated and active users' group -- the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA)." Insurance, he says, has been comparable in the Cirrus to what he paid for the Cessna, and fuel costs have been lower.
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